Eagle Xtreme Fitness has a growning number of certified rebound instructors worldwide.  Visit exf-certifiedinstructors.com to obtain more information about the individual EXF rebound instructors, including their biographical information, class schedules, and photo galleries.

United States

Southern California

Moses James - Master Training, Olympian, former world boxing champion.  Moses is the founder of EXF.  He teaches all levels and styles of rebound fitness, including cardio dance, power, bootcamp, and his copyrighted rebound kickboxing program.  His classes last one hour and will challenge you to the maximum.  Select the "Class Schedule and Pricing" tab to see the schedule of Moses' classes. Contact Moses at moseseaglejames@gmail.com.

Nancy Tetreault - Join Nancy's classes for a challenging hour of rebound cardio fitness and toning exercises.  Nancy's classes are ideal for people who want to get back into top physical shape.  Contact Nancy at nancy.rpv@gmail.com for more information.  AFAA certified.

Abraham James-Specializing in EXF Rebound Power and all forms of extreme rebound fitness.  Abraham's classes are a non-stop, jamming, high-intensity full body workwout.  Prepare to exceed your "personal best" each time you take his class.  Contact Abraham at eaglextremefitness@gmail.com.

Lonnie Resser - Lonnie love to jump for fitness and fun, especially with her mother Gail.  When she's not bouncing, Lonnie can be found working at A Window Between Worlds as their Event and Volunteer Coordinator, hula hooping, Kickboxing or tap dancing.  Her natural inclination to help people succeed and her effervescent personality make her an ideal instructor and motivator.  Contact Lonnie at exf.lonnie@gmail.com.



Guzel Vroom-Akqul is an experienced fitness professional and champion bodybuilder.  Her rebound classes blend her knowledge of extreme physical fitness with her high energy and sense of fun.  Join Guzel for a rebound experience you will never forget.  Make her class a habit and you too can have the look of a Dutch beauty.